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Daily Schedule

In order to clock hours for our cosmetology programs we are doing Distance Learning with Cengage called “Minetap” 

This is required by TDLR and BISD for the Cosmetology Program

Principles of Design/Color  Period 8th&9th

Mindtap activites- Clock 5-? hours a week

Intro To Cosmo Period 2nd

Mindtap activities- Clock 5-? hours a week

Cosmetology I Period 6th-7th

Mindtap activities- Clock 15-? hours a week

Cosmetology II Period 3-4

Mindtap activities-Clock 25-? hours a week

Hours are required for TDLR Certification

I am here to help with any issue you might have MIndtap login. I am available from 8:00-4:00 Monday-Friday.