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Sheldon Franks' Profile


Sheldon Franks

Sheldon Franks

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Contact Info:


Work Phone:


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Conference Times:

5th Period, 11:26-12:11

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About Me

Educational History:

Follett ISD- 2011

Texas Tech University-2015

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Animal Science- Production

Current Position:

Brownfield ISD- 2017

1 year in the District

High School Ag teacher/ FFA Advisor

Previous Position:

Morton ISD 2015-2017

Brownfield ISD 2017- present

Family Information:

Married with Little Gunner man over a year old!.

I have four dogs (Gus, Aspen, Jake, and Shadow), a horse(Libby), a heifer(Hazel), and some chickens and goats soon.

Personal Information:

I like to game and run cows. I am always doing something out here at the Ponderosa since it is new to me and needs a lot of work! I love helping kids learn and explore the world of agriculture!