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Daily Schedule

Mr. Beall’s Office Hours

Monday – Friday from 1:00-3:00pm

What are “office hours”?

In college, you cannot speak with your professor 24/7 since they have families, hobbies, research, and lessons to do. Therefore, professors prioritize select times for students to ask questions in the professor’s office. I also cannot answer questions 24/7, so I will be implementing office hours at the scheduled times written above.

What will Mr. Beall’s Office Hours look like?

During office hours, I will be next to my computer for two hours and respond to all emails or GroupMe messages. If students contact me individually, I may be able to Zoom/Video call them to explain challenging concepts over materials and assignments. If many students ask me the same question, I may open up a Zoom call to answer questions in real-time for all students.

Regular BHS Schedule

8:10-8:55 – 1st Period (Algebra I)

8:58-9:48 – 2nd Period (Algebra I)

9:51-10:36 – 3rd Period (Algebra I)

10:39-11:24 – 4th Period (Algebra I Pre-AP)

11:27-11:55 – 5th Period (Cub Seminar)

11:58-12:28 – Lunch

12:31-1:16 – 6th Period (Algebra I)

1:19-2:04 – 7th Period (Conference/PLC)

2:07-2:52 – 8th Period (Math Models)

2:55-3:40 – 9th Period (Math Models)

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