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Jeanne Brown

Can I help you?Welcome to Mrs. Brown’s Online Classroom! 

(a.k.a. Brown’s World)


Please pardon the mess while I unpack and settle in. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about assignments, my classroom or life in general. laugh We are in this together!


I love being in the classroom and working with the youth of our wonderful community! Having spent a few years making presentations about the dangers of texting and driving to schools across the nation, I am honored to be back in the classroom working with students at Brownfield High School. My over 20 years of experience in secondary education include five years as an athletic coach, two years as Behavior Interventionist and the remaining years in the Career & Technical Education area  as a business teacher.

Raising yours, mine, and ours with my husband, I have learned to adapt to various situations with love and firmness. My children at home and in the classroom are held to high expectations of positive behavior. I believe we all rise to the expectations placed on us. And my "children" are expected to continue their education after high school through military service, technical training or college/university education.

You are always welcome to visit my classroom or contact me via e-mail or phone if you have questions or concerns. I appreciate parents being involved in the education process of their child. I look forward to meeting you and working side-by-side to help your child become a prominent and respected member of the global community.

Love ya today!
Mrs. Brown


Cell: 806-893-2625

"Every child is gifted and talented in some area. My job is to help them discover it."


Jeanne Brown

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