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April 14, 2014~   District Track results        
Girls~  2nd overall
First 4 places qualify for area.

High Jump~1st-Starr Monroe;  2nd-Autumn Williams;
4th-Mallorie Ellis
Discus~  1st-Swaize Lee
Shot Put~  4th-Marie Rodriguez
Long Jump~ 3rd-Alycia Rodriguez;  6th-Aaliyah Fuller
100 M~  3rd-Victoria Castro
200 M~  3rd-Autumn Williams
400 M~  2nd- Katlyn Rogers
800 M~  2nd-Annalisa Gonzales
1600 M~  3rd-Victoria DeLuna;  6th-Annalisa Gonzales
3200 M~  2nd-Ivory Gonzalez
100 M H~  6th-Stephanie Delacruz
300 M H~  2nd-Sierra Garza;  6th-Alyssa Rodriguez
4X100 Relay~2nd  Katlyn Rogers, Alycia Rodriguez,
Braelee Salas, Aaliyah Fuller
4X200 Relay~2nd  Alycia Rodriguez, Aaliyah Fuller,
Victoria Castro, Autumn Williams
4X400 Relay~2nd  Victoria Castro, Katlyn Rogers,
Starr Monroe, Autumn Williams

April 14, 2014~      District Track results       
Boys~ 3rd overall  
First 4 places qualify for area.

High Jump~1st-Korey Nolan;  2nd-Sha'Colby Hill;
6th- Alex McCrary
Triple Jump~  3rd-JT Saenz
Discus~  6th-Bradley Bandy
Long Jump~  1st-Sha'Colby Hill;  3rd-Jordan Demps
100 M~  4th-Alex McCrary
200 M~  3rd-Sha'Colby Hill
400 M~  6th-Nathan Little
1600 M~  4th-Miguel Guerrero
3200 M~  4th-Miguel Guerrero
110 M H~  4th-John Gonzales
330 M H~  4th John Gonzales
4X100 Relay~ 2nd  Jordan Demps, Alex McCrary,
Ezequias Morin, Sha'Colby Hill
4X200 Relay~  1st  Jordan Demps, Alex McCrary,
Ezequias Morin, Sha'Colby Hill
4X400 Relay~  4th  Marcos Gonzales, JT Saenz,
Nathaniel Saenz, Ezequias Morin

April 14, 2014~  The Lady Cub Softball team lost to Lamesa 4-12 on Friday evening.  However, they still have cinched a spot in the playoffs for the first time in Lady Cub Softball history.  Good job, Lady Cubs!

April 14, 2014~  Cub Baseball defeated Lamesa 10-8 on Friday evening.  This raises their district record to 4-1.  They remain at the top of the district standings.  Congratulations, Swingin' Cubs!

April 14, 2014~  Congratulations to Mr. Jake Lierman, Ms. Ryanne Roark and the cast and crew of One Act Play.  They were named alternate to the regional competition.  We are proud of you and your accomplishments.

April 10, 2014~  Congratulations to Coach Derek Faught~ 2A All-South Plains Coach of the Year;  Sha'Colby Hill~ 2A All-South Plains Player of the Year; and Korey Nolan~  All-South Plains 2nd Team! We are very proud of you!

April 10, 2014~

Cub Tennis wins back to back district championships! So proud of you, Cubs and Lady Cubs!

The Brownfield Cub Tennis team captured their second consecutive district championship on Wednesday, as the Cubs qualified 9 individuals for the upcoming Regional Tournament. Brownfield had some extremely strong play from the Lady Cubs as they cruised to their second consecutive district title as well. Overall, the girls were able to outpace Stanton, scoring 35.5 points for Brownfield to Stanton’s 15 points, Denver City’s 7 points, and Coahoma’s 5 points.

The Lady Cubs singles players were playing some of the best tennis they have played so far. Freshman Jarys Boyd won a thrilling three set match in the semi-finals against a very tough Coahoma opponent 4-6, 6-3, 6-0 to set up a championship match against fellow Lady Cub Symphony Munoz. Both girls played hard and showed a lot of heart. It is always difficult to watch Brownfield play against Brownfield, but a little better knowing they were playing in the championship.

That was also the case in mixed doubles, as Daniel Rocha and Marissa Mireles caught team mates Antonio Pauda and Katelyn Garza in the championship match. Both mixed teams had an outstanding tournament. Antonio Pauda and Katelyn Garza defeated the top seeded team in the semis and Daniel and Marissa won their semi-finals match 6-2, 6-0 to set up another all Brownfield final.

Brooklyn Ryan and Alisha Zamora also had a great tournament as they easily got to the championship match where they faced a Denver City team that they had already beaten twice this year. The girls played strong and were able to defeat Denver City for a third time for the District Championship.

It has been such a fun year and all of the players have progressed so far and put in countless hours of work to reach this point. I appreciate everything they have done and all the sacrifices they make. It is nice knowing many of them return, but we will miss Matthew Garza. Matt is our only senior and has been a strong, consistent player and a leader on and off the court.

Final Results:
Symphony Munoz – Girls Singles District Champion
Jarys Boyd – Girls Singles District Runner-Up
Brooklyn Ryan / Alisha Zamora – Girls Doubles District Champion
Daniel Rocha / Marissa Mireles – Mixed Doubles District Champion
Antonio Pauda / Katelyn Garza – Mixed Doubles District Runner-Up
EJ Cantu – Boys Singles District Runner-Up
Matthew Garza – Boys Singles 3rd Place
Dylan Dyer / Tucker Richolson – Boys Doubles 4th Place

JV Final Results:
Johnathon Burris – Boys Singles District Champion
Melissa Davis / Carrina Garcia – Girls Doubles District Champion
Mitchell Friesen / Courtney Sprague – Mixed Doubles District Champion
Matthew Hubertus / Ema Rodriguez – Mixed Doubles District Runner-Up


Tennis district

April 9, 2014~  Cub Baseball wins big!  They defeated Coahoma 11-0. This ups their district record to 3-1 for a share in the district lead with Lamesa and Denver City!  Keep swinging those bats!!

April 9, 2014~  Lady Cub Softball lost to Coahoma by a score of 1-9. The Lady Cubs' district record is 2-4.

April 7, 2014~

Cub Relay Results


Varsity Girls:

High Jump~           Starr Monroe  1st 

                                 Autumn Williams  5th 

Triple Jump~                 Sarah Clark  6th 

Long Jump~             Alycia Rodriguez  2nd 

                                    Alyssa Rodriguez  6th 

100 M~                            Tori Castro  5th 

200 M~                           Autumn Williams  2nd 

                                    Alycia Rodriguez  6th 

400 M~                           Katlyn Rogers  1st 

800 M~                          Annalisa Gonzales  3rd 

1600 M~                   Annalisa Gonzales  5th 

3200 M~                   Ivory Gonzalez  3rd 

100 M Hurdles~             Sierra Garza  6th 

300 M Hurdles~             Sierra Garza  4th 

4X100 Relay~2nd       Braelee Salas,
Katlyn Rogers,
Alycia Rodriguez,
Aaliyah Fuller

4X200 Relay~1st        Autumn Williams,
Alycia Rodriguez,
Aaliyah Fuller,
Tori Castro

4X400 Relay~3rd        Autumn Williams,
Katlyn Rogers,
Starr Monroe,
Tori Castro                   



Varsity Boys:

High Jump~             Korey Nolan  1st 

Discus~                      Bradley Bandy  6th 

100 M~                     Korey Nolan  4th 

200 M~                     Nathan Little  6th 

400 M~                     Nathan Little  4th 

110 Hurdles~               Prince Kim  4th  

330 Hurdles~               John Gonzales  2nd 

4X100 Relay~  3rd  Cole Garcia,
Marcos Gonzales, 
Alex McCrary, 
Esequias Morin

4X200 Relay~  4th   Cole Garcia,
Marcos Gonzales,  
Alex McCrary,
Esequias  Morin

4X400 Relay~  5th Jordan Demps,
       Marcos Gonzales,
       Alex McCrary,
               Esequias Morin

April 4. 2014~

Good day on a difficult day to play tennis. It seemed any lob we hit landed in Lubbock! Here are the results:

Brooklyn Ryan - 2nd Place Girls Singles

Symphony Munoz - 3rd Place Girls Singles

EJ Cantu~championship to be played Sat in Brownfield~match postponed due to time.

Dylan Dyer / Tucker Richolson - 4th Place Boys Doubles

Marissa Mireles / Daniel Rocha - 2nd Place Mixed Doubles

Katelyn Garza / Antonio Pauda - 3rd Place Mixed Doubles

Johnathon Burris - 2nd Place JV Boys Singles

Melissa Davis / Carrina Garcia - 3rd JV Girls Doubles

Ema Rodriguez / Matthew Hubertus - 3rd JV Mixed Doubles 

We will host the district tournament this coming Tuesday and Wednesday, April 8 & 9! The tournament will begin play at 9:00am. Championship and 3rd Place matches will be played on Wednesday.  Sausage wraps will be sold for lunch both days.  Come out and support the Cubs and Lady Cubs!


April 3, 2004~Congratulations to BHS Cosmetology student, Carmen Nunez, for finishing 3rd place in Innovative Salon at the state competition held recently in Corpus Christi.  Other students were part of the opening and closing ceremonies.  They represented BHS well.Cosmo

April 3, 2014~  April Extended Time Dates and TimesApril Extended

April 3, 2014~

Congratulations to Lady Cub golfer, Ty'essa Langehennig.  She qualified as an individual participant for the regional tournament which will be held in Odessa April 14th and 15th.  Good luck!

April 2, 2014~  Results from the Denver City track meet~~~

Varsity Girls:  3rd place
High Jump:  1st place~ Starr Monroe;  5th place~ Autumn Williams
Triple Jump:  6th place~ Tori Castro
Discus:  4th place~  Swaize Lee
Shot Put:  6th place~  Marie Rodriguez
Long Jump: 5th place~ Alyssa Rodriguez;   6th~ Alycia Rodriguez
3200 M:  3rd place~ Ivory Gonzales
4X100 Relay:  2nd place~ Katlyn Rogers, Alycia Rodriguez, Braelee Salas, Aaliyah Fuller
800 M:  3rd place~ Annalisa Gonzales;  6th place~ Elena Guerrero
100 M:  1st place~ Tori Castro;  4th place~ Autumn Williams;  6th place~ Braelee Salas
4X200 Relay:  1st place~  Alycia Rodriguez, Aaliyah Fuller, Tori Castro, Autumn Williams
400 M:  1st place~  Katlyn Rogers
300 M Hurdles:  4th place~  Sierra Garza
200 M:  1st place~  Alycia Rodriguez
1600 M:  3rd place~ Annalisa Gonzales
4X400 Relay:  2nd place~ Katlyn Rogers, Victoria DeLuna, Tori Castro, Autumn Williams

Varsity Boys:  3rd place
High Jump:  1st place~  Korey Nolan
Triple Jump:  6th place~  Grant Payne
Long Jump:  1st place~  Alex McCrary
Shot Put:  4th place~  Gino Juarez
3200 M:  3rd place~  Miguel Guerrero
4X100 Relay:  2nd place~  JT Saenz, Alex McCrary, Zeke Morin, Korey Nolan
110 M Hurdles:  3rd place~ John Gonzales
4X200 Relay:  2nd place~  JT Saenz, Zeke Morin, Korey Nolan, Alex McCrary
200 M:  5th place~  Simon Jacquez
4X400 Relay:  2nd place~  Nathan Little, Zeke Morin, Korey Nolan, Alex McCrary


April 2, 2014~  

2014-2015 Varsity Cheerleaders

Katie Joe Carr

Sierra Garza

Vanity Morris

Alisha Zamora (Captain)

Sarah Clark

Thalia Lopez

Aungelique Martinez (Co-Captain)

Desiree Bean


Sooji Hong-Mascot


Due to a big score gap between the eighth and ninth contestant, eight cheerleaders were selected for varsity.


2014-2015 JV Cheerleaders

Veronica Molina (Captain)

Samantha Gonzales

Melanie Ontiveros

Kamryn Cruz

Scout Welps

Tommie Jae Garcia

Darriane Dorris

Regan Harrell



April 2, 2014~  Cub Baseball played Saturday against Denver City and won 14-13.  Last night, they played the Colorado City game that had been scheduled for this Friday night.  The Cubs won that one 12-8.  Their district record is 2-1.  Good job, Swingin' Cubs!  

April 2, 2014~  Lady Cub Softball has had mixed results their past two outings.  On Saturday, they defeated Denver City 13-9.  Last night they played the game that was scheduled for this coming Friday at Colorado City.  They lost that one.  Their district record stands at 2-3.  Keep swinging those bats, Ladies!!

Mar. 28, 2014~

On March 27, the BHS One Act Play cast and crew performed the play Edith Stein at district competition at Stanton High School.  They swept it!  All 3 judges gave the performance a 1 which means they won district and will advance to the area competition.  It will be held at Midland College on April 12th.  Individual awards were as follows:

Best Actress:  Sloane Holt

All Star Cast:  Andrea Espinoza, Brooklyn Ryan, and Michael Smith

Honorable Mention All Star Cast:  Derrek Simpson

Best Technical Crew:  Brownfield

Best Technician:  Jillian Rolan

One Act

Mar. 27, 2014~

Please congratulate the following students for doing an outstanding job of representing Brownfield High School in UIL Academics. Many of the students qualified to compete at the regional meet which will be held May 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in Odessa.

2014 District UIL Results

1st John Gonzales Regional Qualifier
2nd Gilbert Garcia Regional Qualifier 
3rd Symphony Munoz Regional Qualifier
4th Melissa Davis (3 way tie)

1st Place Team Regional Qualifier
John Gonzales, Gilbert Garcia, Symphony Munoz, and Melissa Davis 

Editorial Writing
2nd Caley Rodriguez Regional Qualifier

Persuasive Speaking
3rd Michael Smith Regional Qualifier

Ready Writing
3rd Symphony Munoz Regional Qualifier

Spelling and Vocabulary
3rd Sloane Holt Regional Qualifier

2nd Place Team
Sloane Holt, Bryan Gomez, Danielle Ramirez, and Andrea Espinoza

Mar. 27, 2014~ Attention Sophomores and Juniors:  Deadline is May 9 to register for the June 7 SAT or June 14 ACT.   

Dual Credit Courses:  Online registration opens on April 15 for Summer and Fall semesters.

See counselor for Dual Credit/Early Admission Course Approval form.  This is required every semester for every dual credit student, including those who have already taken dual credit courses.

See counselor for other important information, including course offerings, application information, etc.

Mar. 12, 2014~  Brownfield High School will have Extended Hours of Operation for Success in both March and April.  This time is for students who need tutorials for upcoming state testing or homework assistance.  The computer lab will be open for any student needing to work on a project requiring the use of a computer.  The hours are posted below and will also be posted under "Bell Schedules."  
Extended Hours

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