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Welcome to the BHS Scholarship Page!

Please check back weekly for updates on local and national scholarships. For the most up to date list contact the Counselor’s Office!

**Texas Tech University is offering a scholarship for any Brownfield High School Senior who attends TTU in the Fall 2019 with the intent to become a certified teacher. Please see counselors for more details**

Flavorful Future Scholarship Due February 15, 2019

Foundation for Rural Services Due March 1, 2019

Capital Farm Credit Scholarship Due March 1, 2018

NTS Scholarship Program Due March 1, 2019

Lyntegar Scholarships for Graduating Seniors Various Deadlines-March 1, 2019

South Plains Underground Water Conservation District Scholarship Due March 8, 2019

Wheeler Foundation Scholarship for SPC $12,000 a year Due March 3, 2019

PokaLambro Scholarship Due March 4, 2019

Association of Texas Leaders for Education Scholarship Due March 15, 2019

St. Patrick’s Knights of Columbus Scholarship (Catholic Boys only) Due March 31, 2019

Brownfield Federal Credit Union Scholarship Due April 1, 2019

Autumn Day Scholarship Due April 1, 2019

Terry County Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Due April 1, 2019

Red Skirts Scholarship Due April 1, 2019

Terry County Farm Bureau Due April 1, 2019

Higginbotham Brothers Scholarship Due April 1, 2019

Colton Burran Memorial Scholarship Due April 12, 2019

Paul Vasquez Jr. Memorial Scholarship Due April 30, 2019

IVLA Scholarship Opportunity Due April 30, 2019

Brenna Bruns Scholarship Due May 2, 2019

Meadow Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship Due May 2, 2019

Weisinger Law Scholarship Due May 31, 2019

Discover Student Loans Scholarship Award Deadlines vary